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Perhaps you are more inclined to a type of dance that is classic and graceful. Although hip hop dance is fun and inspiring, some people lean towards ballet dance as something more delicate and classical. That is ok with us, because at BRE Dance Studio, we encourage and motivate each student’s individual preferences and wants.

Are you interested in learning ballet dance as a hobby, a passion or career? Maybe you want to put your young tot into ballet dance to give them the basics of dance at an early age? Whatever the motivation behind your decision to contact BRE Dance Studio, we are sure that we can be of service to you.

Our ballet dance teachers are experienced in the talent of ballet dance and love to impart their knowledge and techniques to each one of our students. You will find that encouragement and enthusiasm are big amongst our staff at BRE Dance Studio and learning ballet dance will be an inspiring experience if not a completely life changing one.

Find out if ballet dance is for you by visiting our dance studio and speaking with our staff. You may want to try out a class before committing, but one thing is for sure, if you do take up ballet, it will be an experience of a lifetime. You will enjoy the gracefulness and dedication that is acquired through learning ballet dance.

Make your dreams or your child’s dreams happen by trying ballet dance at BRE Dance Studio. We are the place where stars and teachers are born. As a top ballet dance company in Riverside, CA we have plenty of happy clients who will verify our talent and reputation. Contact us to find out more information today!

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